GB Club

Thank you for visiting GB Club and taking interest in our website and GB Methodology and TRIZ. This club is open to anyone that has completed any of our trainings, as well as those that are simply interested in creative and innovative thinking and its applications. By registering, you can learn about some of the principles we use in the Principle of the Week section, which illustrates each principle with a real life example. You can also submit your own example of the principle. The best member example will be posted the following week along with the next principle.

Members that have gone through GB Practitioner certification will have access to all principles and examples posted in the past, as well as our discussion forums, where they can consult with each other as well as our certified GB Professionals, Facilitators and Leaders.


Principle of the week

Create a sculptural composition in order to relay a complex idea about people and their social and cultural habits and tendencies using a unique medium.